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Search Engine Beacon, Version 1.0

This form will let you create as many beacon pages as you wish that link to your website. Simply fill in the form and press the "Submit" button. A page will be generated. This page loads 4 small graphics taken from our webcruiser.com domain, including 2 invisible boxes. If you view the source html code, you will see how the beacon page places your keywords in the graphic "alt" tags, and the META tags, along with a hidden comment line.

Enter Your Password:
Company Name:
Main Web Site URL:
Keyword or Key Phrase 1:
Keyword or Key Phrase 2:
Keyword or Key Phrase 3:
Keyword or Key Phrase 4:
Keyword or Key Phrase 5:
Keyword or Key Phrase 6:
Meta Tag Description:
Use your keywords in this description. This is what will be seen on many search engine results.
Summary of Your Web Site:
Use this section to tell visitors to your feeder page why they should click on any link to go to your main website.


After you create the page, simply save it using your web browser. Give it any name you like. Upload it to your web server and submit it to the search engines using any submission service or software. You can create as many different beacon pages as you wish. Here are some strategies:

  • Make a page that uses each keyword or key phrase only once.
  • Make a page that uses upper case and lower case first letters in the keywords or phrases.
  • Use the plural form of a word, as well as the singular.
  • Make a page that uses keywords that are misspelled.
  • Make a page that uses keywords related to something else your prospect would buy.
  • Make 6 different pages, each starting with a different keyword or phrase, and save the page as the keyword name (for example - golf_clubs.htm).
  • Use the underline character ( _ ) between words in the file name.
  • When submitting to Alta Vista, Infoseek, Hotbot, Webcrawler, Lycos, and Excite, do these manually, not through a submission service.
  • Use submission software or a submission service to reach as many as 400 or more other search engines and directories. Your dealer can provide you with the necessary software or service.
  • Load your beacon pages on as many different domains as possible. Infoseek bases part of its ranking on how popular your site is, that is, how many other sites link to it.
  • Excite will only index the first 25 pages submitted from any domain.
  • Alta Vista may ignore more than 1 submission per day per domain.